206 Tailrotor Flapping Lock Work Aid
P/N: 206TFL-L

(works on all L-models and B-model with p/n 206-040-439-001 shaft)

P/N 206TFL-B

(low altitude p/n 206-040-407-007 on B model a/c)

This work aid was designed to replace the Bell designed fork shaped lockout work aid.

The 206 tailrotors are shimmed between the tailrotor hub and flap stop.

That means every tailrotor is slightly different and the old design is not ideal.

With this design, you install it on the inboard side of the tailrotor hub on the shaft.

Since the inboard side doesn't rely on any shimming, it will work perfectly every time.

Comes with a red streamer to remind everyone to remove it before flight.


206B series a/c have 2 p/n's of t/r output shafts. P/N 206-040-407-007 is the short shaft for low altitude applications.


It is a different diameter from the high altitude p/n 206-040-439-001.


We have flap locks for both shafts but need to know which shaft you have.

206-L Tail Rotor Flapping Lock Work Aid