Bell 206, 407 and 429 Portable Hydraulic Pump Pressure Supply
P/N: 407PHM

Remove the hydraulic pump from the transmission with the hoses still connected and bolt hydraulic pump to the red pump pressure supply.

Plug in the Makita to 110v, and presto, you have hydraulic power.

The Makita is driven by a soft start, 5 speed, variable speed drive (you won't find these at your local department store). You can finally lay to rest that huge hydraulic mule leaking in the corner of the hangar.

Hydraulic pump obviously not included. Comes with a case pictured below. 

You will need to provide a scrap shaft for us to complete the pump.

RENTAL: $350 a week -  (SEE RENTAL PAGE)

Rental fee can be applied towards purchase of pump.




Unserviceable tach generators and/or hyd pump driveshafts are needed to complete the above portable hyd pump drive. I need tach gen's p/n 206-076-373-001 or 206-375-202-101. Also hyd pump shafts from the 206L models p/n 67541 or 20546 or the 407 type shafts shown such as 407-340-107-101.

Don't throw them in the trash. I will purchase your unserviceable tach/gens and shafts.

You can grind a spot on the large part of the shafts so they are unserviceable.
Tach gen's are preferable and will be disassembled to the point they will never fly again.

They must have an internal spline in fair condition.

​I will purchase or trade a work aid valued at the same general value.
​Let me know what you have and we will make a deal.

Bell 206, 407 and 429 Portable Hydraulic Pump Pressure Supply