About Us

hai-2023.jpgHelicopter Work Aids is owned and operated by three A&P Mechanics, Jay LaCaze and his two sons Joseph and Allan. Helicopter Work Aids has been in operation since around 1989.

Our mission: "Provide the highest quality helicopter work aids for the lowest prices."

Since our beginning, we have multiplied the size of our operations, and our customer base has expanded world-wide. Our motto "By Mechanics, For Mechanics" is taken quite literally. Helicopter Work Aids was built from our passion for the industry and designed for our peers and customers like you! We encourage feedback and suggestions to guarantee we meet your expectations every time.

Who better serves this industry than those who are in it? Unlike many of our competitors, we know the day-to-day life of this demanding career. We lived it. All 3 owners were employed for 3 different major helicopter operators in the Gulf of Mexico. Jay at Air Logistics/Bristow, Joseph at RLC and then Helicopter Express, and Allan at ERA Helicopters.

Being part of this industry allows us to stay in touch with YOU the customer and adapt our products to your needs. We work and consult with mechanics daily to ensure our focus and maintain our mission. Helicopter Work Aids is truly designed with the A&P Mechanic in mind.


Recently in the summer of 2022 we acquired all of Helitools’ inventory in our goal of expanding the selection of tools we provide to you. Chuck Dugan and his family made a large selection of amazing overhaul tools that we are now proud to offer to you as well. Tools with part numbers ending with “-HT” are Helitools’ items.

Most manufacturers have drawings of locally fabricated work aids in their manuals. If you see one that you need and don't have the time nor capability to make, let us know.

If at any time you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@helicopterworkaids.com  or speak to us directly at (318) 308-0643.

We look forward to hearing from you!